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Meet The Team


Events and Logistics


Events/Logistics Director

Sheneeza Khan (she/her)

Sheneeza is a 4th year global development studies major, which has brought out her interest in political ecology and ethical business practices in the Global South. Aside from school, she loves trying out new recipes and photography!


Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Diana Liberto (she/her)

Diana is one of this years Events and Logistics Coordinators and is in her 4th year of political science. She joined WIIS because she was motivated to be part of a club that shared her interests in international relations through the role of women in international security! She's looking forward to continue being involved in the promotion of women in the international sphere!

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Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Megan McCowen (she/her)

Megan is a Third Year Political Studies Major at Queen’s University. She’s interested in International Relations and Law. Megan‘s dream travel destinations are Switzerland and Scotland.


Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Jemma Stevens (she/her)

This is Jemma's first year on WIIS and she is excited to learning about the different opportunities available for the future in the field of international relations and international security! Jemma enjoys long walks around Kingston, all things Christmas, and, when she has a bit of spare time, sitting down with a good book. She is looking forward to a great year!


Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Sophie Beer (she/her)

Sophie is a second-year Political Studies student minoring in English. Outside of class, she can be found reading books and reviewing films on Letterboxd.

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Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Chantel Rose (she/her)

Chantel studies Global Development and is apart of this years Events and Logistics Team. Her areas of interest include policy advocacy, social inequality and climate education. Chantel joined WIIS Queen’s because she is passionate about International Security and believes that everyone deserves a world in which they feel safe, but in order to see change in the future society must be challenged today.


Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Serena Emond (she/her)

Serena is a fifth year student in computer science and psychology. She is excited to be a part of WIIS because of the endless opportunities to learn more about international security and the ability to connect with other women with similar interests and goals.


Events/Logistics Coordinator 

Stéphanie Parent (she/her)

Stéphanie is a fourth-year student majoring in global development studies with a strong interest in global security. She's actively involved as a student researcher at the CIDP, where she's working on a targeted engagement grant related to Nuclear First Use. Stéphanie aspires to pursue a career in the field of international security.


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Outreach Coordinator

Solomiia Horbatso (she/her)

Along with being an outreach coordinator at WIIS, Solomiia is a second-year Global Development and Political Science student at Queen's working in the Department of National Defense and leading research for the 'Rebuild Ukraine' project in Canada. As an international student from Ukraine, she is interested in security matters, migration policies, and international organizations.


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Outreach Coordinator

Charlotte Naudie (she/her)

Charlotte is in her fourth year of completing a bachelor's degree in political studies. Her fields of interest include gender and politics, human rights litigation, and international relations.


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Communications Coordinator

Erica Glass (she/her)

Erica is a third-year Political studies major and Employment relations minor. Erica joined WIIS Queen’s because she is interested in understanding more about the topic of international security. She is interested in foreign affairs, national security and is passionate about the representation of women in all sectors of work.


Communications Coordinator

Janica Arevalo (she/her)

Janica is a third-year politics student. She is passionate about working with equity-deserving communities. She hopes to apply her inclusive and intercultural competencies in all personal and professional spaces she enters.



Mentorship Director

Fallon Gervais (she/her)

Fallon is a third-year student at Queen’s majoring in political studies and minoring in history. She is the 2023-24 Mentorship Director for WIIS and enjoys being involved in a variety of clubs on campus. Fallon joined WIIS this year as she has an interest in international security and hopes to pursue a career within the field.

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Mentorship Coordinator

Grace Zhang (she/her)

Grace is in her fourth year of Health Sciences and this is her third year with the team. She joined WIIS because she is interested in exploring the intersectionality between health and international security.

    Executive Admin

    Royal Military College

    General Members

    Aside from our executive, we have an amazing group of general members. They bring energy, determination, and spirit to everything that WIIS-Queen's does. If you are interested in becoming a general member, apply here.

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