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Welcome to the Queen’s Women in International Security (WIIS-Queen’s) blog, WIIS Words!

WIIS-Queen’s (pronounced "wise") is a chapter of WIIS-Canada – a premier organization with the goal of advancing women’s leadership in the field of international peace and security. Through the facilitation of networking supports, professional panels and unique learning opportunities, WIIS is committed to empowering, connecting, and mentoring those in fields widely related to international security. WIIS-Queen's is excited to further build this initiative through our blog!

WIIS Words is a great way to build your network, inspire others, and share ideas on international issues of security and peace. Submissions can range from articles written in class, to opinion pieces, to a reviews of media articles that piqued your interest. As long as your work relates to gendered perspectives on international peace and security, feel free to be creative, and make your post your own! If you are interested in publishing an original piece, please refer to our guidelines below.


  • Submissions should be a minimum of 300 words.

  • Submissions must be original. WIIS-Queen’s condemns any form of plagiarism or breach of academic integrity, and plagiarized submissions will not be published.

  • Submissions must remain respectful, as WIIS-Queen’s has a zero tolerance policy for hateful or discriminatory pieces.

  • Topics should relate to gender and international security. If you are unsure if your post is an appropriate topic for WIIS Words, please contact us below, or email for guidance.

  • Please submit all posts via our submission portal, and be sure to include your name, university email, year of study and a brief biography with your submission.

  • All submissions will be reviewed by the WIIS-Queen’s Outreach Director and Co-Presidents to ensure that they meet our proposed guidelines. We will reach out if posts need editing before publish.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below or email us at

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Happy writing,

Emily Annis

Outreach Director, WIIS-Queen’s


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